Our story

I describe Chagrin Falls as a small town with a big personality. There are so many fun, unique things to see and do here – the falls, the Popcorn Shop, Blossom Time, and the pumpkin roll to name a few. After moving here from Chicago in 2016 I wanted to give something back to the community; to design and produce some goods that featured what I found special about this place. Work on Sugar&Frogs began in early 2017 and in October we released our first batch of tee shirts.

The name was coined by my nephew Brady who – when visiting the falls as a toddler with his grandparents – had a hard time pronouncing their name. But I also like the allusion to the nursery rhyme:

Sugar and spice and everything nice…
Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails

And if you're a fan of the work of a certain local cartoonist, you might remember that tigers are made of

dragonflies and katydids,
but mostly chewed-up little kids

Mispronunciations, kids, tigers, Calvin & Hobbes – whatever it means, I like it.

We’re just getting started, with more products on the way and ideas for others. We hope you love them, and if for any reason you don’t – or if there’s something you’d like to see – please get in touch.


Brian, Jaclyn, Preston, and Evelina